AirWaveRaid (airwaveraid) wrote in hbp_discuss,

SPOILER, if you haven't finished book 6!
Sorry im late- i just finished the 6th book!
So i just have some questions/comments! (sorry if this has been asked or said before)
Anyways, after DD dies harry goes into DD old office with Mcgonagall and DD is sleeping in his new picture frame. Can't people still talk to DD through the picture, like they did with past headmasters? maybe im missing something with that...
Something that makes me sad, i can't imagine in book 7 harry being alone on his mission for most of the book, so i hope that doesn't happen. I have become to attached to the other characters!
Thank goodness ginny and harry finally got together, even though they broke it off. Ron and hermione better finally be together in the 7th book too!
Did anybody else hate how Umbridge was at the funeral?
Thats about all for right now...
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