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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Discuss the Sixth Book

7/24/05 09:34 pm - unfurled - Avada Kedavra

My mother is part of a "Mother's Chatting Group" on MSN, and one of the things they're chatting about is HBP. It's actually really funny to read, because half of them have no idea what they're talking about.

But, they have my mother convinced that the Avada Kedavra spell is what blackened Dumbledore's hand. The original poster of this idea went on to say that because of the book "mentions this" it is proof that DD can "resist" the Avada Kedavra, so Snape didn't really kill DD.

I said this was bullshit, but I don't have the book at the moment, so I can't thumb through it and say "No, DD doesn't mention anywhere that the Avada Kedavra blackened his hand, and it's not possible anyway - [It was a curse on the ring-horcrux.]"

So, can anyone else here please tell me that Dumbledore's hand was NOT blackened by Avada Kedavra, or, if possible, quote what DD mentions about it?


7/24/05 12:18 am - freakycheri

Just had a thought...

You know when the marauders were at school - well, isn't it a bit weird that Lupin was the only prefect amoung the four yet James was still made Head Boy in their seventh year?

I don't think there's anything in it - it just seems a bit daft, eh?

7/23/05 06:05 pm - maxwelldeamon - Question

*SPOILERS* (duh)

Ok, so now DD is dead, does that mean that nobody who doesn't already know the location of 12 Grimmauld Place will be able to? Since he was secret keeper.

It can't deactivate the spell - in POA Sirius says something like "Then you should have died," rather than tell LV where the Potter's were - so if he'd died LV wouldn't have found them. Am I making sense?

So...what do you think? Good thing/bad thing?

7/22/05 04:54 pm - chasingquaffles - Spoilers...Well, duh....

July 20, 2005

Okay, by now, I’m sure most of us have heard the rumors that R.A.B. is none other than Regulus Black. Supporting that theory, I’m going to tell you where I think one of the Horcruxes is.
For those of you who want proof on your lap, you’re going to need your fifth and sixth books with you. Ready? Okay, here we go.
On page 437 of the sixth book, we see Hepzibah showing our good buddy Lord Voldemort Salazar Slytherin’s locket. The locket is described here as a heavy golden locket, with many enchantments. Also, note that the serpentine S is only visible if there is light. Got it?
On page 116 of the fifth book, we find Harry and the gang cleaning out the cabinets in a room in Grimmauld Place. In the last page, they describe the things they find in a particular cabinet. Just after Ginny slams the music box shut, we find a heavy locket that none of them could open.
Just a coincidence, you say. Think about it. Jo does not throw stuff in here for no reason. The locket is the one with a seventh of Voldemort’s soul in it, and this is how I figure it came to be there.
Assuming, probably correctly, that Regulus Black is R.A.B., this is probably what the night he died (assuming he really is dead, but that’s a whole different editorial) looked like.
1. Regulus goes to the cave and gets the Horcrux, intending to destroy it before his imminent death.
2. Regulus goes home to dear Mr. and Mrs. Black. He puts the Horcrux in a safe place in his room.
3. Regulus goes out and gets killed.
Now, Regulus is dead. Dear old Mr. and Mrs. Black go and empty his room. They see the locket, and think “How pretty, let’s put it in our cabinet.” Then they forget about it. Years later, here are Harry and the gang, with a segment of Voldemort’s soul right under their noses.
I don’t know how they are going to find it now, but luckily, they did throw it away. Why? My sister saw the problem. Now that Dumbledore is gone (sniff) the Secret Keeper spell over Grimmauld Place is gone. Meaning Snape can lead the Death Eaters to the headquarters. Most likely, Voldemort would sort through the stuff himself, and find his Horcrux. Now, thanks to Sirius’ hate of his childhood, the Horcrux is safe in the garbage…where ever that is.
In the next book, now, I am certain they will, at some point, either be asking Mundungus or Kreacher, probably the latter, where the garbage leads to, therefore finding the Horcrux, and destroying it, one step closer to ending Lord Voldemort’s reign forever.

7/22/05 04:44 pm - _sirensiren

I don't know if anyones mentioned it yet.

But I have a strong feeling that RAB is Relgulus Black.

My reasons why:Collapse )

7/22/05 07:50 pm - maxwelldeamon

What do you want to find out in book 7?
A few of mine:Collapse )

7/22/05 06:35 pm - freakycheri

A bit off-topic but when they come around to making a film of HBP and if they include all (or some) of the pensieve journies, do you think they'll use Christian Coulson, Ralph Fiennes or someone else as Voldemort in those "flash back" scenes?

7/22/05 12:44 pm - moshette_steph

I was browsing some Spanish fanart, and I discovered that in the Spanish translations of Harry Potter, Tom Marvolo Riddle is renamed Tom Sorvolo Ryddle. This solved a puzzle I had always wondered at; What to do when I am Lord Voldemort is gibberish to a person who doesnt speak english?

Tom Sorvolo Ryddle
Soy Lord Voldemort

Just an interesting tidbit.


Also, the inscription of the Mirror of Erised reads,

Oesed le no zaro cuted o nis or acut seon otse.
Backwards, Esto no es tu caro sino de tu corazon el deseo.
Which looks a little funky to me, I'd say it's 90% right, but I do speak some spanish and it means,
This is not your face, but of your hearts desire.

7/21/05 10:34 pm - _sirensiren

I came across a theory that I thought everyone would like to read about.

On Evil Characters; or, why Severus Snape isn’t One

7/21/05 10:12 pm - struggled_smile

Theory: I believe Sirius Black to still be alive.

On pages 805-806 in The Order Of The Phoenix it states:

"Only a couple were still battling, apparently unaware of the new arrival. Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix's jet of red light: He was laughing at her. "Come on, you can do better than that!" he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room.

The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest.

The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.

Harry released Neville, though he was unaware of doing so. He was jumping down the steps again, pulling out he wand, as Dumbledore turned to the dias too.

It seemed to take Sirius an age to fall. His body curved in a graceful arc as he sank backward through the ragged veil hanging from the arch.

As Harry saw the look of mingled fear and suprise on his godfathers wasted, once-hansome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and dissapeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind and then fell into place.

Harry heard Bellatrix Lestrange's triumph scream, but knew it meant nothing -- Sirius had just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second....

But Sirius did not reappear."

In the passage, it states a red jet of light to come from Bellatrix's wand. As you know, in The Half Blood Price, when Snape cursed Dumbledore with the Avada Kedavra spell, a green jet of light came from his wand. I am convinced that Bellatrix merely stupified Sirius, causing him to fall behind the veil, leading him into a state of limbo(I am just guessing on this last part).
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