miss moneypenny (grammariscool) wrote in hbp_discuss,
miss moneypenny


Do you guys watch "Best Week Ever" on VH1?
Because that "Story time" skit this week was HILARIOUS!

"...and Snape killed ::beep/spoiler..."

And the little kids are all "YOU'RE EVIL!! WHY DIDN'T SNAPE KILL YOU?!!"

Oh man, I nearly pissed my pants! :D

Watch it, if you haven't.
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ahhh i saw that tonight, i was kissing my boyfriend and i heard "read us harry potter" and then i was like HOLD ON. and i watched it and it was hilarious
Off topic, but love the icon :)
lol, I haven't watched it. It sounds funny though :P
Yeah. Anyone has the vid and can upload it here? Cos I don't get VH1 in my country. Or maybe it's on cable, which I don't have. Thanks so much!