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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Discuss the Sixth Book

8/12/06 06:06 pm - jenniferjayde - Discrepancies

So I've been re-reading the books and re-watching the movies.

Don't know why, just have.

I've noticed a couple discrepancies and I was wondering if anyone else either noticed, or if they know the answers. I seems JK Rowling would have picked up on these things, she's pretty brilliant like that.

1) The thestrals. Why could Harry only see them after he saw Cedric die? Before that, he had not only seen his mother killed when he was a baby, but he saw Professor Quirrell die at the end of Book 1. Why did he not see them until Book 5?

2) A little thing, but in Book 2, Percy took away 5 house points from Gryffindor because Ron was talking back to him. Then in Book 5, it was very clear that prefects couldn't take away house points (only the Inquisitorial Squad or whatever they're called). Did the rules change or something?

Anyone else notice things like this?

Just curious. Can't wait for Book 7 or for Order to come out in theatres!!!

9/6/05 08:52 pm - brokenintention - New Name

Hey, I was xxloveispainxx, but now I'm brokenintention.

Just wanted to let everyone know :)

And anyone who wants to add me is more than welcome.


9/5/05 10:44 am - airwaveraid

SPOILER, if you haven't finished book 6!
Sorry im late- i just finished the 6th book!
So i just have some questions/comments! (sorry if this has been asked or said before)
Anyways, after DD dies harry goes into DD old office with Mcgonagall and DD is sleeping in his new picture frame. Can't people still talk to DD through the picture, like they did with past headmasters? maybe im missing something with that...
Something that makes me sad, i can't imagine in book 7 harry being alone on his mission for most of the book, so i hope that doesn't happen. I have become to attached to the other characters!
Thank goodness ginny and harry finally got together, even though they broke it off. Ron and hermione better finally be together in the 7th book too!
Did anybody else hate how Umbridge was at the funeral?
Thats about all for right now...

8/20/05 10:07 pm - lifesux23

I know this is definitely off-topic, but I really need help for my project, and this is my last way out.

Can any American fill me in on the high school electives system? The basic thing I need to know is whether you have to sit for exams for your electives, but any extra information provided would be GREATLY appreciated. And it'd also help loads if you could refer me to something, like a website or webpage which is reliable, as I have to put this in my References page.

Thanks so much to anybody who helps me out, and please do!

8/17/05 09:57 am - xxloveispainxx - Lord of the Rings?

I'm going to write this entry assuming you guys are some-what familar with the LOTR story.

I was recently re-reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when I noticed something that suggests that JKR probably didn't make horcruxes up. In LOTR, it is widely known that Sauron couldn't be completely killed because his life was bound to the ring. So the only way to get rid of Sauron to make sure he never came back was to destroy the ring. Soo...destroy the ring and Sauron dies, destroy the horcruxes and Voldemort dies. Hmm...

And if we're going along in the same vien, (not that I'm a Dumbledore's not dead supporter for the most part), Gandalf supposedly "dies" at the bridge of Khaza-Dum, but he is later revived by the Valar who say he has work that needs to be finished. While I believe that Dumbledore is dead (the portrait appearing), this is another coincidence that could lead to something.

Lastly, I can't remember where I read it, but Gandalf says to Pippin at some point that death is not something to be feared, just another path, which is one we all must choose at some point. Sound like Dumbledore saying death is just the next great adventure?

Just some things to think about.


8/17/05 12:35 pm - deccaboo - The new head of Gryffindor

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7/31/05 08:18 pm - farfromthis

so ok i was talking with my friend today, and she was telling me about a theory this guys she knows came up with. I don't know if this has already been said, but what if harry was one of the hocruxes? I know that there's an instance in the book when this can be slightly proven, but my friend never got around to telling me that. What do yall think?

7/31/05 12:58 am - zanra - If this isn't allowed...just delete it.

I'm thinking of making a HBP quotes icon post--just quotes, not movie pictures or anything--and it would be a major help to know what quotes are your favorite/you would like to have on an icon. If you're interested, that is...


7/25/05 08:49 pm - grammariscool - hahaha

Do you guys watch "Best Week Ever" on VH1?
Because that "Story time" skit this week was HILARIOUS!

"...and Snape killed ::beep/spoiler..."

And the little kids are all "YOU'RE EVIL!! WHY DIDN'T SNAPE KILL YOU?!!"

Oh man, I nearly pissed my pants! :D

Watch it, if you haven't.

7/25/05 02:24 am - girl_in_a_world - Interview with Rowling...

Hey guys,
All three parts of the interview are posted now: The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet interview Joanne Kathleen Rowling

Check it out. Good stuff.

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